Make the World Better with MIND POWER
​마인드파워로 세상을 이롭게!


Why Mind Power Training? 

What is the differences from the others? 


The law of cause and effect .

If you don't change the main cause of your results, you are going back to the past.

You are learning how to change the real cause, Mind Power, to change your results. ​


We become what we think about. We have infinite power inside and once you understand it, you can apply in your life.You are the only one person to find it and live with full potential. 


Without mind power, you are bound to fail. It is impossible to change your persistent action if you don't change your mindset. 

To change your mind, it is necessary to understand your mind and apply to your life.

You can experience Bob Proctor's materials in Korean, which is authorized in the world, and her amazing life changing stories after applying the mind power.

For Coporations

Are there any changes for companies or organizations after the mind training? 

If individuals are changed, the groups where they are belong to are going to definitely change. 


1. Employees gets happier and company atmosphere gets brighter. 

2. Employees become confident and their attitude for customers gets cheerful. 

3. They set their own goals and visions in the group and learn how to stay focus on their work. 

4. They develop the muscles how to manage their time and themselves. 

5. They get positive energy and it leads to improve their work performance.

6. They are going to experience the permanent changes not temporary changes because of understanding their mind control. 

7. They expand their work to global market.

For Individuals

What changes after mind power training? 



Through this workshop, you will understand the mind power more, and not only you can get the ideas to make amazing mind, and also you can make your life amazing as the captain of your fate.


1. The level of happiness gets higher.  

2. If anyone suffered from depression or insomnia, they stop taking pills. They get healthier. 

3. They find the meaning of their job and set the goal 

4. They write down the action plan sheet everyday and learn how to stay focused. 

5. They learn to enjoy how to change their old habits. 

6. They like themselves more and more.  

7. They build their confidence and become more positive. 

8. You will have better relationship with your family, friends, and teams at work. 

Main Power Training

What Kind of Mind Power training courses can I take?

There are one day seminars and the regular courses as below. You are going to experience the permanent change in your health, body, money, career, English, etc with these Mind Power training.

One Day Seminar

1. Change your life with Mind Power!

2. Eat Up English with Mind Power!

3. HOT Mind & Body! 

4. Money Secret 

The Regular Courses 

1. MasterMind Course

​2. Winner's Club (Goal Achiever & Winner's Image) 

3. Eating Up English with Mind Power

4. Premium English Presentation Course 








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